Application Process

    The application process can be rather lengthy, but do not let that discourage you.  Our Historian will happy to help you with any question you may have throughout  your journey.  Below are standard steps from applying to becoming a full member.  If you would like more information about becoming a member of the Mayflower Society, please contact our Historian by click here

1. Make a List
    You will need to submit a list of your ancestry from your Pilgrim ancestor to you.  Each generation will need to list the lineage carrier first and then their spouse for example:

2. Email Your List
    Submit a copy of your lineage to our Historian’s state email address.

3. The Process
    A preliminary review will be preformed by the Historian, and you will receive a report on the findings (which includes previously approved generation by Plymouth)  and instructions on how to proceed.  The Historian will begin the process of filling in your application.

4. Research Research Research
    You will need to document every generation that has not been previously approved by Plymouth.   You will need to submit 2 copies of each document you find.  One will go with your completed application to Plymouth, and the other will be kept in your file in the Arkansas office.  
5. Application Is Completed
    When the State Historian believes your application is completely documented, your application will be mailed to you for your signature.  You will need to sign it with black ink.  You will then send the signed application back to the Historian who will then mail it (along with all documentation) to Plymouth for approval.

Special Note 
If you have more than one Pilgrim ancestor, you may also submit a supplemental for each additional Pilgrim only after your first application has been approved by Plymouth.